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"Oustanding, easy to use and looks great. I will definitely be recommending these items to my friends that want good quality pads and covers."
"It fits perfect and looks really nice. Stella doesn't try to eat it like the blanket that was covering it before, so that's great! Also, it keeps her room looking a lot nicer and much more tidy. Before finding your product, I only found covers that were many times more expensive. You guys are a rare gem of a company and I want to shout you from the product blogging rooftops! Thanks for everything!"
"Clean, neat and nice earthtone. This crate cover cleaned up the look of the crate in our living room, while also allowing our puppy privacy. It cleans well, is light weight, and matches the earthtones in our home."
"They are easy to care for - wonderful to be able to wash them in the washing machine... Thanks for making a great product!"
"I love the cover. It seems very well made and therefore definitely worth the price... "
"I had been using a blanket to cover my dog's crate, and am very happy with your product. I can easily fold the crate without having to remove the cover, which reduces the hassle during travel."
"It fits perfectly and I like the feature with the zippers on all 4 corners so any of the sides can open."
"This crate/pad cover is very good so far. The pad cover is easy to remove and clean. My only complaint is that the crate cover is a tiny bit short. My puppy is easily distracted by light and movement and there is about an inch at the bottom that is not covered. Otherwise, I love it. The material allows air flow while still keeping out most of the light."
"The cover and the pad are both made out of very high-quality material making it very firm yet comfortable for my dogs, No-No, Bagel and Jeffrey. It was surprising to me that they liked the crate so much since they usually sleep in their own beds and have never been inside a crate before. The seemed to find the crate pads very comfortable and stayed inside the crates with the doors shut without any begging or crying to be let out. Even with the covers on with one panel rolled up, the crate is very well ventilated and each one of my dogs looked cozy and comfortable."

Dog's favorite crate with crate cover and crate pad Dog's favorite crate with crate cover and crate pad Dog's favorite crate with crate cover and crate pad